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Unfortunately we cannot do anything about this status. Once a package is in possession of the carrier we have the same access to tracking that you do. If you purchased insurance on your order and its not received after 30 days from the acceptance scan, a claim can then be filed.

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No, everything that is for sale is on the website.

Canceled orders will be refunded less 5% credit card fees. We are not refunded the credited card fees once the order is processed. No exceptions (angry spouse, emergency, impulse buy, mistake, etc). If you need to verify this with our credit card processing company we can provide credentials and contact information.

To prevent fraud. When billing and shipping addresses do not match our credit card processor flags the transaction for fraud. We have had several thousand dollars worth of attempted fraud with people who have had their card information stolen. When billing and shipping do not match we request validation. If its not provided the order is cancelled and refunded.

Currently we do not offer any mil/leo discounts. Instead we donate money to companies who will provide services for police/veterans/first responders (new roofs, home updates, counseling, etc). If you need validation of this we can provide proof upon request.

After receiving your parts our goal is to have you a tracking # within 5-7 days of the day we received the parts. We typically work quicker, but due to order volume/life that can change. If you have a "shooting match this weekend" or "need it for the range this weekend" we cannot guarantee meeting your timeline so please plan accordingly.

-Due to fraud/theft we no longer pay up front for used parts. Parts will be shipped to us, examined, counted, and then the seller will be paid.

-Payments sent electronically are documented.

-If cash is requested a bill of sale will be created for documentation purposes. (Name, DOB, Address etc). Bill of sale will be linked back to cashed TAC business check.

-TAC business checks will be made to seller for documentation purposes with description of parts.

When purchasing you are agreeing to the 10 - 12 week PLUS lead time as of Nov 1st 2021. You do not need to ask for an update after placing your order. If you do, you will be directed to this page. You will receive tracking once it ships.

Likely because we cannot get a copy of your FFL's license and/or SOT. If you have a difficult FFL who wants us to call them first, email them first, or fax them, we suggest using a different FFL who is more efficient.

We are still required to get a copy of the FFL's license PERIOD!

Please give tracking #'s 5-7 days to update before contacting us.

Sale prices are not retro active on previously purchased items/orders.

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