Designed to provide optimum ammunition feeding for any M16/M4/AR15-type of weapon, the Heckler & Koch 30-Round Steel Magazine can be used in any firearm that uses a NATO-standard 5.56 mm magazine. Originally developed by HK for the British L85 (SA80) & L86 weapons, this curved 30-round magazine has been combat-proven by U.S. special operations forces and foreign military units. The 30-Round Steel Magazine features a well-executed design; select materials, special anti-friction maritime surface finish, advanced spring material, attention to production tolerance, and steel magazine housing and follower.

  • Length: 7.48 inches (190 mm)
  • Width: .94 inches (20 mm)
  • Height: 2.56 inches (165 mm)
  • Weight (empty): .54 lb. (.25 kg)


  • NOTE: This product is only to be sold within the United States. This product is not available for sale in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Aurora, IL, Chicago, IL, and South Bend, IN. Overseas sales (outside of the USA) restricted.

MFG Heckler & Koch
MODEL Heckler & Koch 30 Round 223/556 HK Magazines NEW
TITLE Heckler & Koch 30 Round 223/556 HK Magazines NEW OLD STOCK

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