Simunition Glock Gen 3 19/23 conversion slide and approx 280 rounds of simunition

Simunition® is expanding its U.S. Range Program to include the training of civilians. ... For well over a decade thousands of top-rated Law Enforcement and Military Instructors have exclusively used our proven World Class Simunition® Training System. This opportunity is now available to responsible law-abiding citizens!


This product requires the same firearm handling precautions as standard firearms. Use only with firearms in good condition. Keep barrel free of any obstruc- tions. Use Simunition® conversion kit only in appropriate models and calibres of firearms as indicated on the conversion barrel and/or slide. If the gun fails to fire, avoid exposure to the breech when unloading and point the muzzle in a safe direction. Wear approved eye and ear protection, as required. The manufacturer shall not be liable for injuries or damage resulting from the use of this conversion kit.

MFG Simunition
MODEL Glock Gen 3 19/23 Conversion Slide and Sim Round
TITLE Simunition Glock Gen 3 19/23 Conversion Slide and Sim Rounds - RED

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