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MODEL/DESC: MK 12 Gas Block .750 - Stainless

This gas block is built to Crane specification per USSOCOM.  It is an exact copy of the gas manifold on the Mk12 Mod 1 and Mk 18 Mod 1 Special Purpose Rifles used by the U.S. Army and Navy. Made from hardened 416 stainless steeland fits barrels with .750"

-Finish raw stainless

-2 Point cup, knurled set screws

-Stainless roll pin for gas tube

-Press fit - thermal fit - enlarge ID of gas block manually for fit

*Please note these gas blocks are extremely tight like DD/Cornet/Badger contract specs.  If your barrel is .750/+ its going to be extremely tight and may be a press fit or require you to use emery cloth on the inside of the gas block to make an easier fit.  NO REFUNDS FOR ( THESE DO NOT FIT )

MFG Thoroughbred Armament Company LLC
MODEL MK 12 Gas Block .750 - Stainless
TITLE MK 12 Gas Block .750 - Stainless

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