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The OCM5 is an improved version of the legendary ops inc 12th model and AEM5 while staying true to the aesthetics and mounting system. What? Improved? How dare you! Yes, improved. Staying true to our precision rifle roots with accuracy and POI at the forefront it’s lighter, it’s quieter, it has less back pressure and it’s still full auto rated. There’s no debating that the ops/AE cans were revolutionary and ahead of their time… 30 years ago. Everything has came along way in the last 30 years. Cars, electronics, guns, medical procedures and… silencers.
Why get stuck using tech that’s older than you when you can look the same and mount the same? Welcome to the 21st century.

Everything that the ops inc 12th model (the only true clone correct model) and AEM5 will mount on, so will the OCM5. All of your legacy OPS/AE brakes and collars will still work, everything is completely interchangeable.
Side by side with an AEM5 and OCM5 you will not notice a visual difference. That is until you pick them both up and notice one is way lighter, then shoot them and notice one is quieter and not as gassy.
You want better performance, who can blame you? We promise we won’t tell your buddies on the forum. Tell them it’s an OPS/AE if you want to, your secret is safe with us ;)

Length: 8.8”
OD: 1.5”
Weight: 16.02 oz (AEM5 weight 21 oz - that’s 19% yo!)
Full auto rated: yes

Barrel length restrictions
- No shorter than 10.3 inch barrel when using the Otter Creek Labs PTB mount
- No shorter than 11.5 inch barrel when using the Otter Creek Labs OTB mount
- When using the Otter Creek Labs OTB mount on barrels under 12.5 inches we recommend using a more conservative full auto firing schedule

Lifetime warranty for all reasonable non negligent use. If TRY to blow it up by running 10 mags full auto non stop through it or try and shoot a 6.5 Grendel through it, run it over with a lawnmower, etc. we’re not going to cover that for free… sorry. That’s pretty much it. Everything else is covered. Have fun.

MFG Otter Creek Labs
MODEL Otter Creek Labs OCM5 suppressor - Black
TITLE Otter Creek Labs OCM5 suppressor - Black

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