MODEL/DESC: Otter Creek Labs Gordon Collar Assembly

These will be a “limited” production item with one batch being made per year. For 2023 the batch size is 250 and they are going live for order on 6-27-23 — once they are gone they are gone until next year. If they’re in stock then they are ready for immediate shipment, no pre/back order.

By ordering you are confirming that you have read this description in its entirety. Otter Creek Labs is not responsible if you order without reading and any shipping return fees will be paid by the customer. Otter Creek Labs is also not responsible for making your collar fit or making any modifications to your collar or barrel, you are on your own.

With the kit you will get 1 outer clamp, 3 inserts and 2 screws. The 3 inserts are made to different tolerances to fit more barrels and are marked accordingly as follows: 2 dots fits .735-.737 barrels, 1 dot fits .732-.734 barrels, No dot fits .729-.731 barrels. This gives you a total fitment range of .729-.737 barrels.

The outer clamp is made from 7075 aluminum with a type 3 hard coat anodize and the insets are made from H900 heat treated 17-4 stainless steel and black nitride coated.

These are made to be used with 12.5” GOVT profile barrels with a FSP/FSB in conjunction with your OPS 12, AEM5 or OCM5. Your barrel must measure between .729 and .737 where the collar sits in order to have proper alignment and/or retention.

With the Gordon collar if you’re using a muzzle brake do not use a crush washer, use a shim kit instead. If you’re using the otter creek flash hider just thread it down to the shoulder with no shims or crush washer.

Traditionally Gordon collars have been made for 12.7 inch barrels. Who makes a 12.7 inch barrel? Good question. Your only option was to have a custom barrel made or get a longer barrel and have a gunsmith chop it to 12.7 inches. So we just skipped all that jazz and shortened the whole assembly by .2 and boom, a Gordon collar for 12.5” GOVT profile off the shelf barrels. You’re welcome.

MFG Otter Creek Labs
MODEL Otter Creek Labs Gordon Collar Assembly
TITLE Otter Creek Labs Gordon Collar Assembly

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