The RMR Type 2 was selected by U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) for the Handgun Reflex Sight (HRS) Contract after extensive testing and evaluation showed the RMR Type 2 to be uniquely reliable and durable in handgun applications. A similar version of the RMR Type 2 HRS that closely matches the one chosen by the USSOCOM is available to the commercial market. Unique to the RM06-HRS is the hard-anodized coyote brown coating which is designed to reduce detection and special markings which identify its date of manufacture and unique serial number. The RMR Type 2 is designed with a patented housing shape that absorbs impacts and diverts stresses away from the lens to increase durability. It also offers redesigned and upgraded electronics that have been proven to perform when mounted on slide ride pistols and other small arms. It's suitable for military, law enforcement, concealed carry self-defense, target shooting, and hunting applications. These Trijicon put the illumination control in the user's hands. Easy-to-use buttons on the sides of the optic allow the user to adjust the illumination brightness, toggle between manual and automatic modes, and power down the RMR for storage. The automatic mode functions the same as the LED RMR version. If a manual mode has been chosen, the RMR will remain in manual mode for 16.5 hours following the last push of a button. After 16.5 hours, the optic will default back to the automatic mode so that the RMR will be ready for your next mission or task. All RMR Type 2 Adjustable LED Sights are compatible with night vision devices, with the 3.25 MOA dot size being the most popular. Additionally, the user can also lock out the buttons so that the RMR functions in automatic mode only. This ensures that inadvertent button pushes do not cause a loss of aiming solution. The 3.25 MOA dot in the RM06 is the most versatile and popular of all RMR dot sizes. The dot is small enough to allow accurate shooting at range while also being big enough to locate quickly.

Specifications for Trijicon 3.25 Adjustable LED MOA Red Dot - RMR Type 2, Coyote Brown HRS, 3.25 MOA:

Reticle: 3.25 MOA
Finish: Hard Anodized
Magnification: 1 x
Length: 45 mm
Weight: 1.2 oz
Battery Type: 1 CR2032 Lithium Battery
Color: Coyote Brown
Illumination Type: LED
Front Sight Color: Red
Battery Life: 4 years
Adjustment Click Value: 1 in at 100 yds
Fabric/Material: Forged Aluminum
Illumination Color: Red

Features of Trijicon 3.25 Adjustable LED MOA Red Dot - RMR Type 2:

  • Illumination Source: LED
  • Reticle Pattern 3.25 MOA Dot
  • Day Reticle Color: Red
  • Night Reticle Color: Red
  • Adjustment at 100 yards (clicks/in) 1 click / in.
  • Battery Life Over 4 years of continuous use (when used at 70degF (21degC)) at setting 4 of 8. Extreme temperatures (high or low) will affect lithium battery performance

Package Contents:

  • Trijicon 3.25 Adjustable LED MOA Red Dot - RMR Type 2

MFG Trijicon
MODEL RM06-C-700780: RMR® Adjustable (LED) Sight - 3.2
TITLE Trijicon 3.25 Adjustable LED Red Dot - RMR Type 2, Coyote Brown HRS, 3.25 MOA

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