-NEW M4 MIL CONTRACT Upper, Dry Film Lubed, 7075, M4 feed ramps, White T Marks, M4 marked above gas tube hole (made for us by a mil contractor who fufills gov/agency contracts)

-NEW P+S Products M4 Ras with panel kit and vertical grip (contracted by KAC - same rail)

-NEW PRI Gas tube

-NEW Mil spec delta ring assembly U.S.A.

-NEW Factory 10.3" Colt Barrel with .070 Gas port (New) Cage code marked MP marked

** Charging handle, Bolt carrier group, and flash hider NOT INCLUDED**


MFG Colt/P+S/Mil Contractor
MODEL 10.3" Colt MK18 MOD 0
TITLE 10.3" Colt MK18 MOD 0

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