PLEASE READ: NO REFUNDS/NO WARRANTY as these are used once ISSUED/SURPLUS from a group of "SPECIAL cool guys". Rails will have dings, nicks, gouges, and are dirty.  None are Savannah marked.  Some maybe painted.  The Colt barrels may have surface rust, dirt, and carbon build up.  I checked the threads on each barrel by running a new A2 flash hider up to the shoulder of each barrel.  Threads will have rockset/loctite residue on them. *Some FSP bases may have left or right cant to them.  This is a result of how they were drilled by Colt and how they were issue and used overseas*  NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES 

-Colt 14.5" SOCOM with Colt gas tube (cage code or  C MP marked **NO CHERRY PICKING**

-Barrels exhibit nice bores with plenty of life left.

-Daniel Defense RIS II FSP rail with necessary hardware for mounting


MFG Colt and Daniel Defense
TITLE 14.5 Colt SOCOM/Daniel Defense RIS II FSP Kit

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