(1) New surplus grip pod unit


Say goodbye to cumbersome bipods that have to be manually clipped on or folded into position. The GPA is manufactured from aerospace materials to exceed military specifications for construction and finish. It mounts directly to Picatinny rail systems, and additional mounting options will be available soon. The GPA is currently in worldwide use with select Special Forces units including: US Navy Seals and EOD, US Army, US Army Special Forces and Designated Marksmen, Secret Security, USMC, US SOCOM, FBI HRT, and unmentionable government entities. Grip Pod has been selected for use on US Army Designated Marksman rifles, and it is part of the down-select for the SCAR (SOF Capable Assault Rifle) project. Patents are pending. Grip Pod Advantages The GPA offers the operator a number of advantages including: Increased speed Increased accuracy Increased weapon flexibility Stronger than conventional vertical grips Smaller than non-integrated solutions Retracted bipod reduces entanglement factor The vertical fore-grip is widely known throughout the armies and tactical communities of the world to enhance control, accuracy, and speed of short range/CQB (close quarter battle) target acquisition. This is true for soldiers utilizing all types of small arms (submachine guns, rifles, and light machine guns).

MFG Grip Pod
MODEL Grip-Pod LE Polymer - Black
TITLE Grip-Pod LE Polymer - Black

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