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MODEL/DESC: LMT 14.5" Jordan Contract Upper - NEW SURPLUS

NEW Surplus Jordanian contract uppers from LMT Defense.

-Standard flat-top upper receiver with 14.5″ chrome lined 1:7″ twist 5.56 barrel. Meeting today’s military specifications, the L7D1-JOR is a common equivalent to the upper delivered on the US M4A1 5.56 carbine. The upper receiver itself features mil-spec picatinny rail slots and M4 feed ramps designed to aid in reliable feeding during full auto use.  

-Includes GemTech Quick Attach flash hider (not pinned).  You can purchase a different muzzle device and we will install for free. Does not include Pin and Weld. Pin and weld of the Gemtech muzzle device will get you to 16" OAL

-Comes equipped with forward assist, port door, sling swivel, front sight post, and gas tube installed.  Utilizes the mil-spec barrel nut and delta ring assembly to affix the barrel.  Handguards, charging handle and BCG not included.


For barrels shorter than 16in, ALL NFA RULES APPLY.

MODEL LMT 14.5" Jordan Contract Upper - NEW SURPLUS
TITLE LMT 14.5" Jordan Contract Upper - NEW SURPLUS

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